Aqua Thin Line


Althoug it’s the most busy time of the year for me ( and a lot of other soapers, I guess…), I was able to make it for the November month Soap Challenge Club – as always hosted by Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapwork. I only had time to make this soap, but I’ll be back on it as soon as I catch my breath, sometime after christmas….

The thin line technique is such a wonderfull technique regardless if you choose the advanced technique or not – this technique is new for me so I tryed to keep thing as simple as posible; 4 colours, peppermint EO and my standard recipe so I know what to expect. I used a small slabmold (yild 4 bars of soap)!

This is my entry for this months soap challenge:




I totally forgot to take pictures while working with the squeeeze bottle –  Well this is how the soap turned out, wet in the mold.






Thank you Amy, I sure had fun with this soap 🙂



Thank you for stopping by – good luck all 😊



Rainy day soap

First of all, Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapworks is back with new challenges – that is good news! Thank you, Amy, I sure missed those challenges, althoug I missed some due to get my webshop up running. Again thank you, this is soooo fun 🤗

For september the Soap Challenge Club are making the mini drop swirl soap. It’s a beautiful technique, and a real challenge to achieve those lovely (rain) drops.

Some of you may have seen the pic I posted on fb… I had a «small» accident in the making of my first soap. My work lamp fell into the newly poured soap/mold! The soaptop was ruined, and everything was a mess, and so was my hair….

Well, a new soap was made on a rainy day (how great is that, having your inspiration right outside the window). The idea was raindrops on a pond, for the soaptop – inside ombre with raindrops, all in the same colour. This was my first time making the ombre and drops technique, and I had so much fun making this soap (except when my work lamp «kissed» the soap…)! As you can see I got a little ash on top of the soap, and also some spots inside the, but all in all I’m happy how the soap turned out.

Ombre: add the colour (mica) little by little and pour soap in the mold between each time.

I kept the design simple so I used my standard soap recipe with a little adjustment, I replaced olive oli with sunflower oil: Sheabutter, Cocoabutter, sunflower oil and coconut oil : 10%, 10%, 50%, 30% . I soaped at 38,5 degrees celsius. As you can see on pictures below I used two sizes drinking straw – that also gave different sizes on the raindrops! Rings «on water» was made by using different size bottle caps  (fragrance oils). Colour is «Preppy Blue» from Mad Micas, and the soap is scented with a blend of Peppermint/Rosemary. My soapmold is from Café de Savon.

This is my entry:






In the making….








My tools!




I wish everyone good luck & thank you for stopping by!


Yvonne 😊



Soap Cottage

In the soap challenge club we are making soap dough for this month’s  soap challenge. Tatsiana Serko, of Creative Soap by Steso, is our teacher and Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapwork is our host.

I had great fun playing around in the making of this «Soap Cottage» – in my soap cottage 😊

The part that wasn’t fun was all the time I spend in my car driving around looking for oils for this dough project. It was just impossible for me to get what was recomended, so I ended up using some of my scented porcelian soaps with kaolin cley – probably not the best, but better than driving around like crazy, and  in all kind of shops asking for oils that no one eaven had heard of….

My soap dough wasn’t anything near polymer cley or like Tatsiana’s dough, but I must say I did behave quite well – with that said it was far from perfect!

In the making and the coloring of the dough I used a rolling pin and added mica while rolling. It was just like making puff pastry, roll, add mica and fold the dough until a nice even result.


This is not the first time I’m playing with soap dough, but I have always used my soap «as is» in all my soap dough project. In may 2015 the soap challenge club was making soap dessert cakes, and some of my cakes had soap dough elements as part of the  soap. I used a zester to grind my soaps and it worked well.


This is my entry – my Soap Cottage 🍃🌺🍃




Building a cottage…


Tools & dough



Happy soaping



Secret Feather Swirl

It’s been a while since my last soap challenge so I’m happy to join you for this months’s challenge. We are making the sceret feather swirl, and as usual I look forward to see a lot of  beautiful soaps from you guys. Big thx to Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapwork for another fun challenge.

So, I ended up making three soaps, and the learning was good during the whole process – learning by doing, no exceptions! The picturetaking was a bit difficult. The colors did not come out as they really are. I just can’t get the beautiful green colors to come throug in the pictures….

I had problems with ash inside my soapbars (for the first two batches) so I raised the temperature of my oils/lyewater for this soap, I also warmed my mold to keep my soap from cooling down when pouring. It seemed like a good idea 😉

I didn’t use any dividers – see pics on how I solved it

Soaping at 39 degrees celcius with my std recipe:

10% Sheabutter

10% Cocoabutter

30% Coconut oil

50% Olive oil

5% Superfat

Fragrance: Rosemery EO

This is my entry for this month:





Pouring technique: In order to «hold the soapline together» I poured the soap sideways using a squeeze nozzel bottle. I also used the SN bottle ( light green ) along the sides to help the line to stay in place.


Colors and tools: Lettuce Entertain & Tahitian Teal from Mad Oils. Squeeze nozzle bottle. The hanger is…. a hanger, with a drinking straw.





Happy Soaping



Tiffany Heart Soap

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here so now I just have to share one of my soaps made last year. My Tiffany Heart Soap is one of my soap for the 2017 jewlery soap line. The soap is decorated with gold leaf and scented with BB’s Apricot Freesia FO.

This is a soap where color and scent have found each other. The fragrance is a upbeat blend of fruit and floral so it fits this soap so well.

Enjoy 😊




Happy & Safe Soaping




Cosmic Wawe

We are doing the Cosmic Wawe in november Soap Challenge Club, hosted by Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapworks. This is a fun and beautiful technique created by the talented Tatsiana Serko. Tatsiana is also this months guest teacher. Thank you once more for sharing of your knowledge, you really are a true artist!

What is a cosmic wawe? This is what I found on the internet: A cosmic wawe is thought to be a space-quake, produced by something big like a supernova, a black hole or the collision of two neutron stars. It’s similar to what happens when something large is dropped into the ocean – it sends a wawe of water across, making tidal wawe and tsunamis. This is only a theory and has yet to be occure to be recorded.

With that in mind I knew I had to go to outer space to see if I could find a cosmic wawe, or a least some inspiration for colors….

As usual I went along with my standard recipe – sometime it’s best to stick to what you know so there won’t be any surprise…. My recipe is a little heavy on hard oils, but the soapbatch behaved well and so did my FO, Grapefruit Bellini, no discoloration or speeding up trace so there was enough time to pour the soap. It’s a 5 color soap and the cobber mica really gave a nice effect – sorry it doesn’t show in my photos.

The soap was placed in layered stripes so I gave the mold a couple of spinnings to achive the «wawe».

I was thinking of doing the CPOP, but the soap ended up in my insulation box over night.

This is my Cosmic Wawe







Colors & FO



My inspiration photo is this beautiful galaxy and it’s colors.




Happy Soaping!



Powderose Soap


Inspired by last monhs soap challenge and winner I just had to try out the beautiful rosepiping technique. It was not as difficult as I thought, just a lot of work!

Kudos to Snoblove!


Happy Soaping