DNA/Helix Swirl Soap

So this is my first attempt at making DNA Helix swirl soap, AND it’s also my first soap challange, ever. This have been so much fun all the way, and I really enjoyed it.

I was thinking of witch colors to use, witch fragrance and how to go about to make this soap. As my mold is quite slim I didn’t have so much space to swirl, but next time I will use a wider mold.

As I was looking for inspiration and going through some pictures I came up with an idea for my colors – and design…. 🐠 I used bamboo charcoal, paprika, two shades of Bright Blue Jean from BB. In the main batch I added some pearly white mica. Fragrance; Lemongrass EO, I think it goes well with the choice of colors. The big challenge for me was where to put the colors (stripes) to get the right look. I wonder if you can see what I was trying to achive with my soap….?


My soap!


My inspiration!

Happy Soaping 😊


23 thoughts on “DNA/Helix Swirl Soap

  1. Congrats on your first challenge soap! It looks fantastic!! What a great color palette and inspiration – please join us again! You’re obviously a very talented artist!


  2. So cute! I love how you caught the shape of the tropical fish in your soap. The color combinations is beautiful all the more that you have used natural colorants.


  3. Lovely job on your first challenge, not only did you make a beautiful design, you were able to capture the movement of the fish. Love it!

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