Ebru Soap Art

For this month’s soap challenge, hosted by Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapwork, we are doing Ebru technic on soap. This technic is an old artform and people has been practicing it for centuries – usually this technic is used on fabric or paper.

I read somewhere that colors used in Ebru art is natural so I wanted to stay true to the theme and ended up using Alcanet root powder, infused in olive oil -3 shades.

Fragrance: Lavender, Peppermint and Litsea Cubeba EO.

Design; Faux funnel poured soap with Ebru technic.

I was inspired by Indian wall tapestry for this soap, and the idea of making a round soap was that I got to play with several Ebru technics. This time I think «less is more» so my entry soap will be as I planed ( I couldn’t stop when I first started….)



My inspiration: Indian wall tapestry



I also made a Butterflye soap – just wanted to try out an idea I had….

This soap is 20 x 30 cm, 3 shades infused Alkanet Root with the same EO’s as my entry soap.


Happy soaping 😊



28 thoughts on “Ebru Soap Art

  1. Yvonne, your soap looks like a piece of lace work! So delicate and, at the same time, so detailed! I love your idea to stay true to the Ebru tradition of using natural colors. I wish I had thought of that, too.


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