Soap Challenge Club – Striped Marble

For this month soap challenge we get to choose one of three designs for our soaps. I went for the Striped Marble/Mantra swirls for my entry.

Challenge; to get enough time to do the swirls before the soap got to thick. I mixed the oils & lye at exact 38 degrees celcius, and had all my things prepared and lined up to get on with the job. To get as much of the colored part of the soap into the solid part I made a triple swirling tool – see pictures!

I still haven’t managed to find a slapmold in Norway so I had to use a cardboard box and dividers – it was a little bit tricky with the dividers when I was pouring the soap batch into the «mold» – but I’m still happy with the result.

My recipe: 50% Olive oil, 30% Coconut oil, 10% Shea butter, 10% Cocoa butter.






Fragrance: Black Amber FO from Bramble Berry. Micas from Mad Oil’s


My swirltool




Striped Marple/Mantra swirls – rehearsal…

Basil & Citrus EO



As you can see, I modified my swirltool for my entry soap, and I got a different result.



Happy Soaping

Yvonne 🙂





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