Clyde Slide Soap Technic

I been looking forward to this months soap challenge. I didn’t know what to expect, but this was fun – and so exciting to cut and see how the bars turned out.

I have never heard about Clyde Yoshida or his technic – but he does make som really awsome soaps, and he sure know his color palette! I just hope I have done some justice to Clyde’s beautiful technic….. And if you are follow this compatition, Clyde, I got some ideas I want to try out – thanks to you, reminding me of the importance thinking in a different way can result in the most beautiful things….

The Clyde Slide is a «in the pot not swirl» technic. I made two batches and desided to go for my greenish blue one. I think the FO, Green Tea and Cucumber, from BB goes well with the colors and I like the fragrance.

I’d used my Tall skinny mold, I don’t know if the effect will be better/different if using a wider mold, but I’m happy with the end results.

This is my entry:






Colorants & fragrance


Light green with blue and green


Happy Soaping 😊




13 thoughts on “Clyde Slide Soap Technic

  1. Really unusual colour choice. I love these, they are so soft and delicate, perfect to showcase the feathering you get from this technique. Colour is something I have to work really hard at to get right, you are really good at nailing it! 🙂

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