Red Wine Soap

The soap challenge this month has been an exciting adventure. At first I was thinking of making goatmilk soap but I had problems finding any so I went for coconut milk. I was not happy with the result of this soap, see pictures below, so I ended up sharing saturdays bottle of red wine with my soap!

Red Wine Soap:

The benefit beside getting happy, relaxed – and having a good time sharing a bottle of red with my soap is many: Wine is made from grapes, and grapes are a literal treasure trove for skin nutrients. Resveratrol, found in grape skin, provides you with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. There’s also a lot of anti-oxidant properties in grapes, not to mention a lot of different vitamins and minerals. Soaps made of red wine also have a lovely lather with big bubbles.

As I was mixing the lye with the wine, (the alcohol content in the wine was cooked out so there was absolutely no alcohol left in the wine when I was mixing it with lye), the color changed imeditly from a blueish red to a more browne kind of red. I was a bit disapointed at first, but seeing the end result, I’m so happy. I got a beautiful, glossy and good smelling soap, and I can’t wait to try it out….

For the light part of the soap I used white kaolin clay mixed with some of the wine. Fragrance: a blend of Patchouli, Ginger & Rosemery EO’s.

This is my entry



Important; cook out the alcohol before mixing with lye and let it cool down.

Please be careful, do propper researsh before starting – safety first, always!






Coconut milk soap

This is my coconut milk soap. I used infused paprika and a citrus blend of EO’s. The natural color is really vibrant, and the soap smells soooo good….

Benefits: Coconut milk is high in fatty acids and vitamin E, which give it cleansing and healing properties, making it ideal for those with dry, sensitive skin.

Important; when making soap with any type of milk, keep the temperatures low by freezing the milk beforehand. I used ice cube trays – allow the milk to fully freeze.

Please be careful, do propper research before starting – safety first, always!




Happy & safe soaping 😊






20 thoughts on “Red Wine Soap

  1. What a soothing color palette–I bet it smells great, too, with that essential oil blend. I can imagine using this while taking a deep, hot bath and drinking a glass of wine. Sounds heavenly! Thanks for sharing this!!

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  2. I rather like the coconut milk soap also! I’m impressed with the reddish color you achieved with the wine though! I haven’t personally made wine soap, but I’ve heard other say it turned brown for them, so well done!! Maybe it has to do with the type of wine? You have a good one!! 🙂 Really pretty ghost swirl as well!

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