Rimmed Soap

Time and supplies was not on my side this month. As mentioned earlier, it’s a challenge in it self to get needed supplies for these soap challenges, in Norway. Yesterday, one day before submission close I finally found castor oil… !! I was working until 4 this morning and barely made it…..

This is my 3rd attempt, so I guess it all comes up to make it or break without the Castor oil…..

Amy & Tatsiana, thank you for pouring of you knowledge, again. The great value of know-how is priceless so I hope you can feel my appreciation .

Rim recipe:

25 % coconut oil

20 % cocoa butter

20% greapseed oil

15 % sunflower oil

10 % olive oil

10 % castor oil

8 % superfat – water 30 % of oil weight. CP/OP at 65 degree celcius for aprox 2 hrs/4hrs. The cutting process was no problem at all, the soap was really workable and easy to get into the mold. For the rim I soaped at 37/38 degree celcius and poured at light trace for the spinning swirl technique with 4 colors and some gold mica/oil.

I used my standard soap recipe for the inside soap and soaped at 37/38 degree celsius. Fragrance; Coconut & Lemongrass FO from BB.

Feel free to ask any qustions!

So, this is my entry for march Soap Challenge hosted by Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapcake. Good luck all!












Testing out an idea…..



Happy Soaping





14 thoughts on “Rimmed Soap

  1. Yvonne, your soaps are such masterpieces and this one is no different! The colors seem like a perfect blend of serenity and happiness to me. I love them! Fabulous job!

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