Dancing Funnel

It’s been a while since my last soap challenge so I’m really happy to participate this month, and most of all – this is a great technique witch I will be using in my future soapmaking – and of course, I will practise some more….

I took a chance and used my usual oil recipes for this soap, althoug it’s a bit heavy on the hard oils!  I was soaping at low temperature,  35 degrees Celsius, and hand stirring for aprox 30-35 minutes. With no experience with this metod of soapmaking, I took «the spoon test» to see if the oils/lye/water had reached the point of  emulsion. This was a bit out of my comfortzone, working without my stickblender, but I think this way of making soap is a really nice way to work – thumbs up & thanks for the opportunity in this challenge 👍🏼

I managed to keep a light trace during the whole prosess and the soap was wrapped and OP for an hour and then left «to sleep»over night. The FO is just beautiful and acted well during the whole prosess. As you can see the gold mica «got into» some of the browne parts – but, overall I’m happy with the result!

Here is my entry:







This is my first soap, all natural colored with Bamboo Charcoal/Indigo and a EO blend of citrus too keep the trace under control! My rehearsal soap was so pretty, but the next one… What happend with the Indigo, it turned out browne and then slightly green….?



Happy Soaping



17 kommentarer til “Dancing Funnel

  1. Your soap looks excellent, Yvonne! It’s great to have you back! Hand stirring is certainly a skill that is difficult to learn for this «microwave» society, but so valuable! You seem to have learned it easily if this was your one and only batch…

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    • Thank you, Amy – I been so busy but I hope to find time to join you again.
      I did make two more batches, one in a round mold, my first, witch I was really happy with – this soap was cut into cake slice…. When I made the next one the color totally changed. I forgot to post it so I will do it now!


    • Lisa, I think so too! I did not quite get that round pattern I was hoping for, but I really like the «animal» look – and most of all I’m so into animal welfare and with this soap and know-how I have some ideas I want to try out 😊


  2. Welcome back, Yvonne! It is nice to see you and your beautiful soaps again. I love every one of your batches and especially what you did with the pie shaped one. Such creativity! Great job on all of them!

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