Rainy day soap

First of all, Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapworks is back with new challenges – that is good news! Thank you, Amy, I sure missed those challenges, althoug I missed some due to get my webshop up running. Again thank you, this is soooo fun 🤗

For september the Soap Challenge Club are making the mini drop swirl soap. It’s a beautiful technique, and a real challenge to achieve those lovely (rain) drops.

Some of you may have seen the pic I posted on fb… I had a «small» accident in the making of my first soap. My work lamp fell into the newly poured soap/mold! The soaptop was ruined, and everything was a mess, and so was my hair….

Well, a new soap was made on a rainy day (how great is that, having your inspiration right outside the window). The idea was raindrops on a pond, for the soaptop – inside ombre with raindrops, all in the same colour. This was my first time making the ombre and drops technique, and I had so much fun making this soap (except when my work lamp «kissed» the soap…)! As you can see I got a little ash on top of the soap, and also some spots inside the, but all in all I’m happy how the soap turned out.

Ombre: add the colour (mica) little by little and pour soap in the mold between each time.

I kept the design simple so I used my standard soap recipe with a little adjustment, I replaced olive oli with sunflower oil: Sheabutter, Cocoabutter, sunflower oil and coconut oil : 10%, 10%, 50%, 30% . I soaped at 38,5 degrees celsius. As you can see on pictures below I used two sizes drinking straw – that also gave different sizes on the raindrops! Rings «on water» was made by using different size bottle caps  (fragrance oils). Colour is «Preppy Blue» from Mad Micas, and the soap is scented with a blend of Peppermint/Rosemary. My soapmold is from Café de Savon.

This is my entry:






In the making….








My tools!




I wish everyone good luck & thank you for stopping by!


Yvonne 😊



12 kommentarer til “Rainy day soap

  1. I love the simplicity of your design – although it’s anything but simple to do an ombre pour in addition to the drops!! It’s so nice when nature gives us inspiration too! Sorry to hear about the first soap mishap…those are never fun! Glad to be back at it – and glad you can join us again!!


  2. I don’t think I have the words to say how impressed I am with this unbelievable soap, Yvonne! I just can’t get over the beauty of it! Such a deceiving design at first glance; but the subtle look belies the true complexity and mastery it took to create this work of art! I am so happy to have the Challenge Club back and so glad to reconnect with such amazing artists like you! 💜

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  3. Ahh, Debi, thank you so much for your generous comment. You are alway so sweet, sweetie 💞 I am happy too, about the Challenge Club to be back, and I agree with you, we get to reconnect with many other soapers who inspires us. Again, thank you ☺️


  4. Yvonne, these are so beautiful, as always! You created such gorgeous varying shades of blue and the most perfect rain drops. I love how you finished the top, too. Truly beautiful.


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