Aqua Thin Line


Althoug it’s the most busy time of the year for me ( and a lot of other soapers, I guess…), I was able to make it for the November month Soap Challenge Club – as always hosted by Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapwork. I only had time to make this soap, but I’ll be back on it as soon as I catch my breath, sometime after christmas….

The thin line technique is such a wonderfull technique regardless if you choose the advanced technique or not – this technique is new for me so I tryed to keep thing as simple as posible; 4 colours, peppermint EO and my standard recipe so I know what to expect. I used a small slabmold (yild 4 bars of soap)!

This is my entry for this months soap challenge:




I totally forgot to take pictures while working with the squeeeze bottle –  Well this is how the soap turned out, wet in the mold.






Thank you Amy, I sure had fun with this soap 🙂



Thank you for stopping by – good luck all 😊