Secret Feather Swirl

It’s been a while since my last soap challenge so I’m happy to join you for this months’s challenge. We are making the sceret feather swirl, and as usual I look forward to see a lot of  beautiful soaps from you guys. Big thx to Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapwork for another fun challenge.

So, I ended up making three soaps, and the learning was good during the whole process – learning by doing, no exceptions! The picturetaking was a bit difficult. The colors did not come out as they really are. I just can’t get the beautiful green colors to come throug in the pictures….

I had problems with ash inside my soapbars (for the first two batches) so I raised the temperature of my oils/lyewater for this soap, I also warmed my mold to keep my soap from cooling down when pouring. It seemed like a good idea 😉

I didn’t use any dividers – see pics on how I solved it

Soaping at 39 degrees celcius with my std recipe:

10% Sheabutter

10% Cocoabutter

30% Coconut oil

50% Olive oil

5% Superfat

Fragrance: Rosemery EO

This is my entry for this month:





Pouring technique: In order to «hold the soapline together» I poured the soap sideways using a squeeze nozzel bottle. I also used the SN bottle ( light green ) along the sides to help the line to stay in place.


Colors and tools: Lettuce Entertain & Tahitian Teal from Mad Oils. Squeeze nozzle bottle. The hanger is…. a hanger, with a drinking straw.





Happy Soaping




Powderose Soap


Inspired by last monhs soap challenge and winner I just had to try out the beautiful rosepiping technique. It was not as difficult as I thought, just a lot of work!

Kudos to Snoblove!


Happy Soaping



Pink Snow & Frozen Roses Packaging day….

This is my latest entry in the soap challenge club. It didn’t reach the top, but I’m really happy how the soap turned out.



Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome back!




Oriental Triangle

The Soap Challenge Club is making soap using impression mat for Desember challenge. We get to choose either to make an impression mat or to use a premade one, and the focus is the texture created by the impression mat. As you probably can see I used a premade mat.

I’ve been thinking of making a triangle soap for awhile so this is a perfect oppertunity for doing that. A triangle represent the number 3   so I made three designs on three sides and I used three colors in this soap. Research for ideas led me to the Orient…..

This is my entry for this months soap challenge hosted by Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapwork.










Colors: cley and Preppy Blue mica from Mad Oils in the soap. Gold Sparkel mica from BB gave the swirls and some extra sparkle.

Fragrance: Arabian Spice FO from BB.

Mold: made of cardboard lined with cling film, baking paper and overhead sheeds

My soap: 50% Olive oil, 30% coconut oil, 10% Shea butter, 10% Cocoa butter. I poured at a thick trace with the impression mat in the mold.




Moodboard and end-result image


Happy Soaping & Merry Christmas 🎄




Coconut Milk Soap

This soap is from last months soap challenge hosted by Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapwoork. The challenge was to replace all water in the soap and to use only natural ingredients. My entry soap was made with red wine, but I also made this soap – with coconut milk.

Color: Infused paprika. The coconut milk gave the color a depth you can’t achive using water.

Fragrance: To scent this soap I used different EO’s of citrus, I think it goes well with the colors – this soap has layers of different colors and a touch of mica bling-bling.




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Yvonne 😊