Orange blossom & no teardrop soap

This was supposed to be my entry for this month’s soap challenge, but I had problems uploading my pic so I didn’t participate….

Well, to be honest, I didn’t manage to get that teardrop soap I was hoping for so I guess it’s ok. Today I found out I was able to uploade a small picture, don’t know why…

The colors and fragrance, Orange Blossom, is beautiful together. Faux funnel pour on top of the soap.




Happy Soaping


Yvonne 😊



Lavender Soap

New design for my Lavender Soap….



Happy Soaping!




Rimmed Soap

Time and supplies was not on my side this month. As mentioned earlier, it’s a challenge in it self to get needed supplies for these soap challenges, in Norway. Yesterday, one day before submission close I finally found castor oil… !! I was working until 4 this morning and barely made it…..

This is my 3rd attempt, so I guess it all comes up to make it or break without the Castor oil…..

Amy & Tatsiana, thank you for pouring of you knowledge, again. The great value of know-how is priceless so I hope you can feel my appreciation .

Rim recipe:

25 % coconut oil

Les videre

Pink Snow & Frozen Roses Packaging day….

This is my latest entry in the soap challenge club. It didn’t reach the top, but I’m really happy how the soap turned out.



Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome back!




Pink Snow & Frozen Roses

It’s time for a new Soap Challenge hosted by Amy Warden At Great Cake Soapwork. For this challenge we are going to make a CP soap with a winter wonderland theme. As usual I’m looking forward to see a lot of beautiful soaps this month. Good luck all!

Blue is an quite obvious color in a winter wonderland theme, so with that in mind I started my research for an alternative option – also, I have been making a lot of blue soaps lately….


Liquid: The soap must have elements of snow, quite fun since it’s snowing outside, a lot…. I desided to use snow as my liquid –  so, out in the garden with my bucket and shovel….

Color: Have you ever heard of pink snow? ( see picture on my moodboard ). Watermelon snow is snow that is reddish or pink in color, and it can have a smell similar to a fresh watermelon. This type of snow is common during the summer in alpine and coastal polar regions, such as the Sierra Nevada of California. Watermelon snow, also called snow algae, pink snow, red snow, or blood snow, is Chlamydomonas nivalis, a species of green algae containing a secondary red carotenoid pigment (astaxanthin) in addition to chlorophyll. Unlike most species of fresh-water algae, it is cryophilic (cold-loving) and thrives in freezing water ( Wikipedia ). So, now you know why my soap is pink!

Snow: For the snow on top of my soap I used Maldon Sea Salt, and to get that beautiful sparkling snow I added a little bling-bling mica.

For the snow crystals on the rosebuds: I coated part of them with eggwhites and then rolled them in sugar.

For the «snowflakes» inside the bar I made a small batch of soap and while it still was soft I rolled it out and let it dry over night.

FO: BB’s Herbal Essence.

This month I’m going for a «less is more» kind of soap. It’s a sweet bright soap with snow crystals inside the bar. On top, spakling snow and frozen rosebuds.

My entry








In the mold: the bottom design ( silicone mat ) is collored with 3 Martini Olives mica from MO



«Ice crystals»



Colors & Snow


Snow as liquide


To avoid draging the top decor throug my soap I cut it sideways



My moodboard and end result



An other option….




Happy soaping




Happy New Year!

First of all, congrats to all winners of Amy Wardens Soap Challenge Club throughout 2015 – you guys really raise the bar every month! I also want to thank you for your kind comment and for your votes, I really appreciate it.

In desember I took the 2nd place with my Oriental Triangle, can you belive it?  It’s such a great fun to have a soap in top 3, (or to win sponsors choise ). I have already seen someone making triangle soaps, inspired by my triangle. That makes me happy and I hope to see a lot of triangle soaps in the future too. I think it’s cool if I can inspire others with my work so feel free to ask if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer. For me this challenges is all about sharing, inspire and get inspired. I won with my Ebru Soap and got sponsors choise price with my Dessert Soap, so 2015 has been a great soap year for me – again, thank you!

The best wishes for 2016  –  I’m looking forward to the challenges, be inspired and to see a lot of beautiful soaps in 2016.

New Year Guest Soapimage


Happy Soaping 💙