Oriental Triangle

The Soap Challenge Club is making soap using impression mat for Desember challenge. We get to choose either to make an impression mat or to use a premade one, and the focus is the texture created by the impression mat. As you probably can see I used a premade mat.

I’ve been thinking of making a triangle soap for awhile so this is a perfect oppertunity for doing that. A triangle represent the number 3   so I made three designs on three sides and I used three colors in this soap. Research for ideas led me to the Orient…..

This is my entry for this months soap challenge hosted by Amy Warden at Great Cake Soapwork.










Colors: cley and Preppy Blue mica from Mad Oils in the soap. Gold Sparkel mica from BB gave the swirls and some extra sparkle.

Fragrance: Arabian Spice FO from BB.

Mold: made of cardboard lined with cling film, baking paper and overhead sheeds

My soap: 50% Olive oil, 30% coconut oil, 10% Shea butter, 10% Cocoa butter. I poured at a thick trace with the impression mat in the mold.




Moodboard and end-result image


Happy Soaping & Merry Christmas 🎄




38 kommentarer til “Oriental Triangle

  1. Love the soap, too. I entered the soap challenge this month for the first time myself. As I went over the soaps this evening, yours jumped out to me as my FAVORITE. Lovely.

    Question: I do not understand what «overhead sheeds» means. I am guessing those are the words you use for the clips that are holding the baking paper and plastic down. Is that right? And did you paint the mica on the impression mat before adding your soap? And then those are stamps that you painted with mica on the 3rd side?

    Phew. How I love this soap! 🙂

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    • Hi there and thank you for your kind comment 😊 First time in the soap challenge, isn’t fun?
      Overhead sheeds is an office supplie used for presentations by using an overhead projector. Clear transparancy film and perfect to use in soapmaking.

      Kind regards


  2. I am mesmerized by the combination of shape, color, and impressions for both the mat and stamps. This opens my imagination to what shapes to play with in molds! Thanks for the inspiration Yvonne – : )


  3. Really, really beautiful, Yvonne! I love the mood board – and wow! did you ever capture it! Thank you for sharing your inspiration and ideas with others, it is so fun to learn from creative people and then implement the ideas with unique twists. Great job!

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